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Motorcycle Events, Midlands 

There's much more to motorcycling than just owning and riding a motorbike if you're a true enthusiast...

If you've got a real passion for motorcycling like we have, you'll want to get involved with other like minded people to admire their bikes, enjoy a drink and a joke, have a chat and tell a few stories. 

It's as much about the characters that ride the bikes as about the bikes themselves that makes motorcyling such a great interest to have. Endless comradery and fun;  there are very few other social groups that this is true of.

As supporters of the Midlands Air Ambulance many of our events are in aid of this amazing charity so not only do you get to see our ugly mugs but you too are aiding the air ambulance.

We're proud to be bikers, and rightly so. You should be too!

This philosophy has lead us to organise a few events, and as a fellow rider, you're always welcome.

We look forward to meeting you!